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We are known for our ACT/SAT classes and college counseling services, but we are more than a traditional test prep or admission counseling company. Our mission is to mentor students to their future long-term success: under our mentors’ guidance, students will develop the 'Ivy League mentality': independence, confidence, and passion. After students go through Ivy-Way’s innovative curriculum on “test prep” and “admissions,” parents will witness dramatic changes in students’ language fundamentals, self exploration, and study habits.

The people behind Ivy-Way magic

Ivy-Way instructors are charismatic mentors who are experts at teaching and guiding students to their success. We understand teenagers' language; let us apply our magic on them.

Alex C.

Sam C.

Rose-Ann T.

Follow our guidance

We offer courses that help students strengthen their fundamentals and build their character. From test prep to mentorship to application, from young education to 12th grade seniors, we have you covered.

SAT Summer Course

Our flagship, 6-week course with a strong focus on English fundamentals

ACT Summer Course

Our flagship, 6-week course with a strong focus on English fundamentals

College Counseling

A mentorship guidance of self discovery and growth to lead you to future success


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Finding Ivy-Way is your first step towards success, and sending us a message is your second. Tell us a little about yourself, and let us know your questions. Ivy-Way Specialist will give you a free 30-minute consultation to help you figure out your future.

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